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Angela Go is a Fortune 500 Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Award-Winning Public Speaker. 

Within the short span of 5 years, she made the impressive transition and transformation from traveling street artist to corporate leader, Fortune 500 executive coach & trainer, co-founder of 4 companies in 3 countries and winner of multiple speaking awards

With her many washed-out, street artist bracelets still wrapped around her wrists, she managed to pitch herself straight into a corporate leadership role responsible for multiple teams and a multi-million euro portfolio. And that was just the beginning.  

Driven by her passion for innovation, she went on to co-found the successful innovation & intrapreneurship program that induced a company-wide cultural transformation at Nestlé's Headquarters. Gartner Research covered the program in a full article, praising it as ‘a prime example of successful bimodal innovation at large corporations’

Angela soon went on to co-found several companies that all have the mission to help people and companies reinvent themselves to drive results

She believes that success originates from developing the right mind-set & attitude, understanding your unique purpose and impact, and mastering the latest relevant skill-set. She generously shares her secrets, tools and methodologies in her public speeches, live events, and corporate training and coaching programs to help as many people as possible transform. 

Born in The Netherlands and currently residing in Italy, she is widely known for her high energy, dynamic character and packaging transformational experiences in a fun way, making every training, speech, workshop and coaching session with her an unforgettable experience
Who Is Angela Go?
International Award-Winning Public Speaker
World-Class Pitch Trainer & Coach
Renowned Fortune 500 Executive Coach
Authority On Intrapreneurship & Corporate Innovation
Serial Global Entrepreneur 
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Products & Public Speaking Topics
Ultimate Pitch Experience (UPX)
With today's diminishing attention span and increasing pressure to get stakeholders onboard, the skill of pitching has become a must for everybody in any role.

As the creator of the Hourglass Formula that produced the highest track record of winning investor- and project pitches at Fortune 500 companies, Angela trains and coaches leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to create and deliver their ultimate pitch.
Corporate Training & Coaching
The corporate landscape is changing fast - technology and trends demand new business models, new ways of working, new culture and a new breed of workforce

Having driven a cultural transformation towards innovation at at a large enterprise by changing the mindset, attitude and skillsets of the people, Angela delivers transformational in-company workshops, trainings and coaching programs to drive these changes at all levels. 
Ultimate Career Accelerator (UCA)
People at all stages in life and career start realising that purpose and impact are fundamental for a truly happy and fulfilled life. Many seek proven tools and methods to create a meaningful career transformation and acceleration.

Having transitioned from street artist to corporate leader, serial entrepreneur and award-winning public speaker within 5 years, Angela shares her secrets to accelerate any career while doing what you love.
Thrive In The New Economy
Technology is changing the world rapidly. The New Digital Economy is a new game with new rules, forcing companies to reinvent their business models, and professionals to adapt their mindset and skills

Immersed in this dynamic on a day-to-day basis as a Fortune 500 Executive Coach and Serial Entrepreneur, Angela shares her vision about how to thrive in the New Economy.
Video Impressions
Angela speaks in Florida about the 3 Hidden Errors Of The Ultimate Pitch
Ultimate Pitch Experience
Ultimate Career Accelerator live event
Events & Media 
Cryptocurrency Investor's Summit by Success Resources
Interview for Swiss Dukascopy TV
 Interview for The Boss Talk TV
Attending the conference in Davos
Fortune 500 Corporate Training
Visiting Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island
What Others Said
Co-Founder of Apple, Philanthropist
Fashion Tycoon
Hilton Family, Founding Member at A&M CapRe
Serial Entrepreneur, Former Marketing Director at Facebook
A-List Actor
Academy Award Winner
Golden Globe & Emmy Award Winner
Academy Award & Golden Globe Winner
House Of Bismarck
Former Prime Minister of Slovenia
No. 1 Real Estate Broker in New York, Reality TV Star
Celebrity Judge on "The Apprentice"
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